Living in Orangeville was definitely, not one of the things on my bucket list.  If anyone had told me I was going to live in Orangeville, I would have called them crazy, but I’ve been living in Orangeville for a few years…and I am here to share what I love and hate about the small town.

When I moved to Orangeville, I had to learn to adjust from living in the GTA for many years to living in Orangeville. I guess some would say I went through a culture shock… Being as it may, with any city or town, there are always the good, bad and the ugly.

Living in Orangeville, What I Hate


The first thing I would like to mention is the lack of transportation. Orangeville doesn’t have any highways and no GO trains. I used to commute to downtown Toronto often and realizing there was no transportation to take me there made me nervous. Some people would take the GO bus to Toronto, but I wasn’t about that life. I couldn’t sit on a bus for so long. So I would drive to Brampton and take the GO Train that ran more frequently than the GO bus in Orangeville.


I don’t like shopping but honestly…there are limited women clothing stores in Orangeville even for me. To overcome this, I would schedule a visit to the mall to do my shopping. Now, it is easier because you can do your shopping online.

Let’s talk about what I love about living in Orangeville


I love the Mr. Rogers neighborhood feeling there is in Orangeville. The people in Orangeville are very friendly. It is really a great place to raise your kids. I felt so welcomed when I moved to Orangeville and so did my kids. There are great events such as the Jazz & Blue Festival, Christmas in the Park to name a few. The Farmers Market is another great place to bring the kids.


I love the outdoor environment. I mean you can go outside at night and see so many stars as you look up at the sky making your firepit experience so much more special. There are so many trails to take the kids or to go on a date. I love going to Island Lake with my family. It’s great to go here and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. My favourite trail is the Mono Cliff Provincial Park. You have to go in the fall when the leaves are changing colours.

living in Orangeville

Thinking about moving to Orangeville???

Now that you learned what I love and hate about Orangeville, you may be interested into learning the 5 things you should know before moving to Orangeville.

In this blog you will learn what you need to know before considering to leave the city and move to Dufferin County.

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