Brampton’s 5 W’s You Need To Know

Have you been giving any thought of moving to Brampton but you wonder Who, What, When, Where, And Why of Brampton. In this blog we will explore just that.

Fun facts about the city of Brampton. The city is the 3rd largest city in GTA and the 9th largest in the country. Approximately 80% of businesses are either small or medium sized businesses. Guess which city was the 1st city approved to participate in the Pan-Ontario Electric Bus Demonstration and Integration Trial. If you guest Brampton you are correct.


So lets get into The Who, What, When, Where and Why of Brampton!

Who is the Mayor of Brampton?

Currently, the Mayor is Patrick Brown. He has been the mayor since 2018, before that it was Linda Jeffery from 2014 -2018, before her it was Susan Fennell from 2000-2014.

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What to do in Brampton?

You can visit a park, there are many in the city, but of the most popular one is Gage Park, You can look at planes at the Great War Flying Museum, you can visit the Art Gallery, you can go bird watching, visit a beach, you can go shopping.

When are property taxes due?

 Like most cities taxes are broken for Brampton that will be July 21, August 18 and September 22

Where to go?

As well as the many Parks, recreation centers, Brampton is home of Tree Top Trekking, There are golf course, restaurants for all different types of ethnicities, indoor rock climbing, shopping malls, conservation area, historical sites, Farmers market, theatres, The CAA Centre, oh I can’t forget The Apple Factory. No matter what your interest is, there is always something to do.

Why is Brampton known as Flower Town?

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Back in 1800 when Brampton was just a village a gentleman by the name of Edward Dale who was known for his roses opened a flower nursery, which created a new industry The nursery became the largest employer in the city giving it the nick name “Flowertown of Canada”. Eventually hundreds of acres of land was occupied with greenhouses lots of flower and was exporting them to markets around the world.

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