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Welcome to Durham Region—a dynamic and diverse area just east of Toronto! Durham is known for its blend of urban amenities and natural beauty, offering residents a great balance between city life and outdoor adventures. Whether you’re exploring historic towns, enjoying waterfront activities on Lake Ontario, or discovering local breweries and eateries, Durham has plenty to offer for those looking to live life to the fullest!

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Location of Durham

Durham Region is conveniently situated just east of Toronto, making it an ideal location for those seeking proximity to the city without the hustle and bustle. Bordered by Lake Ontario to the south and the rolling hills of the Oak Ridges Moraine to the north, Durham offers a diverse landscape that includes urban centers, rural communities, and picturesque waterfronts. With easy access to major highways and GO Transit services, commuting to Toronto and surrounding areas is a breeze.

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Affordable Housing

Durham offers more affordable housing options compared to Toronto and its surrounding areas, making it attractive for first-time homebuyers and families.

Traffic congestion

Commuting into Toronto can be challenging during peak hours due to traffic congestion on major highways like the 401.

Beautiful waterfront

With access to Lake Ontario, Durham boasts scenic waterfront parks, beaches, and trails that are perfect for outdoor activities and relaxation.

Limited Public Transit

While GO Transit services are available, some areas of Durham may have limited public transportation options, requiring residents to rely on cars for daily commuting.

family friendly communities

Durham is known for its family-friendly neighbourhoods and excellent schools, making it a great place to raise children.

winter weather

Like many Canadian regions, Durham experiences cold winters with snowfall, which can impact driving conditions and outdoor activities.

Cultural Diversity

The region celebrates cultural diversity through festivals, events, and a variety of dining options, reflecting its vibrant and inclusive community.

Job Market

While Durham has growing employment sectors, job opportunities may be more limited compared to larger urban centers like Toronto.

Proximity to Toronto

Durham provides easy access to Toronto’s amenities and employment opportunities while offering a quieter and more laid-back lifestyle.

Urban Spawl

Some parts of Durham are experiencing urban sprawl and development, which can change the landscape and impact local communities.

Home Styles In Durham

Durham has lots of different types of homes styles to choice from in different price ranges.


Traditional Two-Story Home

Durham features many traditional two-story homes with classic designs, featuring front porches, brick or siding exteriors, and spacious interiors. These homes are popular among families and offer multiple bedrooms and living spaces.



Modern townhouses are a common sight in Durham, offering a more compact and low-maintenance living option. These homes often feature sleek designs, open-concept layouts, and amenities such as attached garages and outdoor spaces.


Bungalow-Style Homes

Bungalows are a popular choice for those seeking single-level living in Durham. These homes typically feature open floor plans, large windows, and easy access to outdoor areas, making them ideal for retirees or individuals with mobility considerations.


Whether you prefer public or Catholic education, English or French instruction, Durham’s school boards offer a range of options to meet your family’s needs

This is the largest public school board in Durham Region, offering a range of elementary and secondary schools.

The DCDSB oversees Catholic elementary and secondary schools in Durham Region, integrating faith-based teachings with academic excellence

Viamonde is a French-language public school board that offers French immersion and French-first language education for students in Durham Region who prefer learning in French.

MonAvenir is the French-language Catholic school board serving Durham Region, offering Catholic education in French for students seeking a faith-based curriculum in a French-language setting.

Places of Interest

Durham has a lot to offer their residence. For nature lovers, the Durham Dales offer picturesque landscapes and outdoor adventures, from hiking trails to scenic river walks. After a day of exploration, unwind at one of Durham’s charming cafes or pubs, sampling local cuisine and enjoying the warm hospitality.

Explore the charming streets of downtown Whitby, filled with boutique shops, cafes, and historic buildings. Don’t miss the Whitby Public Library, located in a beautiful heritage building.

Located in Pickering, Frenchman’s Bay Marina offers stunning views of Lake Ontario and is a popular spot for boating, fishing, and waterfront dining.

Enjoy scenic walking trails, picnic areas, and a beautiful sandy beach at Ajax Waterfront Park. It’s a great place to unwind and take in the natural beauty of Lake Ontario.

Visit Oshawa’s historic Parkwood Estate, once home to the McLaughlin family (founders of General Motors Canada). Tour the opulent mansion and explore the beautifully landscaped gardens.

Located in Oshawa, the Canadian Automotive Museum showcases a collection of vintage cars, highlighting Canada’s automotive history and technological innovations.

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