Are you considering moving to Orangeville away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Possibly to buy a more affordable home in Orangeville, but just thinking of leaving the convenience of the city gives you anxiety?
Well, grab a pen and paper because I am going to give you 5 things that you want to know before you make the move so that you can move without having any financial surprises and you can go back to sleeping at night. You will definitely want to stick to the end where I will share the biggest tip that I wish someone had told me.

There are many blogs about moving to Orangeville, how is this one different? It’s because I am speaking from experience. I’ve lived in the GTA for most of my life and now I’ve been living in Dufferin for over 7 years. So I got the good goods for you, so let’s get started.


Transportation in Orangeville

The first thing you need to know before moving to Orangeville is about Transportation. If you live in the city, you are used to having lots of options to get around the city from major highways,

Moving to Orangeville

GO transit, to subways, to Uber. Well, in Orangeville that is not the case.


While Orangeville has public transit and the GO bus, it doesn’t have any subways or Go Trains to take you around. This might be important for you to consider if you will be commuting for work. To get downtown you can either drive which may take you over an hour or drive to the closest GO Train Station in Brampton. I prefer the latter. But whatever works for you. Orangeville does have Uber, but it’s not as convenient as when you are in the city. Sometimes there are no cars available. So having a car would be beneficial.

Shopping in Orangeville

For all my ladies that love to shop, this part of the video is for you. Orangeville has a lot of little shops downtown and carries Home Sense, Winners, and Marshalls which are great for shopping, but if you are looking for a large mall, your best bet is to drive to Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket or Bramalea Mall in Brampton. Shopping on your way home may be a good idea if you like to shop at a particular store.


I love food so restaurants are important to me. Just like shopping there are lots of small businesses that have good food and little cafes. There are lots of options for food. Orangeville has Vietnamese food,

moving to Orangeville

Indian food, Chinese food, Caribbean food, Sushi…and much more. It feels like there is somewhere to eat at every corner. But if you are looking for The Keg, you will have to travel outside of the city for that. My favourite is Forage, you have to try the calamari,

Weather In Orangeville

Orangeville gets a bad rap for it’s weather. Yes, Orangeville gets more snow than Toronto, but it’s not that bad. After all this is Canada! You can expect more snow as you travel more north, but the roads are cleared pretty fast. I recommend avoiding driving on the back roads when it’s snowing or during freezing rain. Driving on the main roads will be safer. It is important to have winter tires during the winter seasons.


Property Taxes In Orangeville

While Canada is known for its high property tax, Orangeville has made the top 10 cities for the highest property taxes coming in number 10 according to the 2020 Orangeville Banner and has the highest property tax in Dufferin. Before moving to Orangeville, contact the city and find out how much property tax you can expect.

Top Neighbourhoods in Orangeville

Now that you know what you should consider before moving to Orangeville from the city, you may also be interested in learning about the top neighbourhoods in Orangeville for families. In the next blog we will be sharing the best neighborhood in Orangeville to raise a family.

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