July 2022

Before You Buy A Home With Your Partner, Consider These

Are you considering purchasing a property with your fiance, boyfriend or girlfriend, or your spouse from a second marriage and want to ensure that your interests are protected and that of your children and future children?  Well, you definitely don’t want to skip this blog because as a previous law clerk for 8 years I am going to break down the top things you MUST know to protect your interest when...

buy a house

Buying A Home – Top Ways You Can In This Market

Buying a home may look like a dream for some of you. Well you’re in luck because despite the doom and gloom reports there are many paths to homeownership and it just may be closer than you might think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXNMBdZfWnI Let’s face it, the conventional methods of homeownership is not helping most of the would be buyers looking to purchase a home in today’s market. That’s...

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